INTEGRITY, accountability & responsibility
make the turbine go round.

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current wind speed

in abilene, tx

Serving owners & operators in leading energy industries.

We deliver state-of-the-art maintenance, support, repairs and upgrades. Power your project with expertise and the kind of passion that get’s the job done.


current wind speed

in abilene, tx

section 01 / what we do

when machinery fails,

our power begins.

Our highly specialized teams are able to not only guarantee the highest levels of expertise but also react quickly and save our clients time reducing the cost of lost production.

Cost efficient solutions for a range of wind turbine maintenance activities.

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Terminations, splicing, installation, testing, communication, UPS, grounding


Safety, turn over, end of warranty, quality control, substation, gearbox borescope


Preventive, scheduled, corrective, generator, transformers


Mechanical components, Electrical components, Test on towers

Mechanical Completion.

Torqueing, tensioning, alignments

Large & Small Corrective.

Replacing all major components, bearings, sliprings, yaw gears


Civil work, surveying, tower erection, cable installation, component off loading

Design modifications.

Gearbox, generator, cooling, LMS, hydraulic

we don't fear problems...

or heights.

or heights.

section 02 / what it takes

We work more than 200 feet in the air, while being exposed to harsh weather. It’s safe to say, this line of work isn’t for everyone.

We offer our clients a depth of knowledge that is unmatched in the wind energy sector. It’s our duty to make the complex simple.

Beyond a dash of bravery, we develop long term goals to solve problems in close consultation with clients and suppliers everyday.

These problems sound familiar?

Are your employees certified and trained?

All technicians are certified, competent climbers and rescuers that are trained in hydraulics and electricity.

Is it scary working that high in the air?

Never! We enjoy working high in the sky. It also helps to wear a safety harness and at all times with strict safety standards.

Can issues be fixed remotely?

Yes, our team has the experience and knowledge to assist clients with all issues. Available 24 hours a day, ready and here when you need us.

How long does it take to respond to emergencies?

Our response time depends on location however, in most cases we can respond to emergencies in 8 hours or less.

Keep your turbine’s blades turning To maximize profits.

Keep your turbine’s blades turning To maximize profits.

section 03 / here to serve

our belief

Adherence to safety and quality turn into higher profitability for your wind farm.

here to serve.

Exceptional safety and high standards.

With an industry-leading commitment to safety, we strive for zero incidents every day. Our safety culture is rooted in state-of-the-art safety training. We regularly employ the latest in safety technology to stay ahead.

Experience working with most major wind turbine manufacturers.

section 04 / leadership

gifted with,

skills from above.

The pedigree to lead.

We only hire technicians with the most up to date and special qualifications.

Our team is focused on change and driving industry innovation. We also happen to be pretty darn friendly.

uncle of the year

Derrick Whitt

Chief Executive Officer

In my free time I enjoy spoiling my nieces and nephews and cheering them on while they compete in Jr. rodeos, softball and baseball. We also love the outdoors and a good hunting adventure. I have passion in teaching others about the wind industry as well as learning. I’m also a strong believer in God and walk heavy in faith, without him nothing is possible.

as voted by derrick's niece danna.

section 05 / word of mouth

don't stress, we're ready.

Coy Harris

American Windmill Museum

3G Power has knowledgeable employees, excellent working habits and they are the nice people to have around. We recommend this company highly for wind turbine service.

Mario Flores

The team at 3G Power were great! Derrick and his associates are extremely professional. We appreciated the great communication during the job. Can not recommend 3G Power enough, we look forward to a continuous working relationship.

section 06 / make it work

Let's talk keys to wind farm profitability.

We help clients maximize a turbine’s output and extends its life.

A match made in heaven.

With the cost of modern multi-megawatt turbines over a million dollars per megawatt finding an expert partner is key to profitability.